Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kälkerön/Sweden - 07/14/2014

From Öckerö/Sweden to Kälkerön/Sweden, distance 26NM, weather: sunny-rainy, wind east turning north 1-2 Beaufort, temperature 23°C, water temperature 20°C

We start a little tired today, since the World Cup finale took long yesterday evening: In that restaurant there was only another sailor couple from Germany and all the other guests seemed to favor Argentina....later some Norwegian guests switched to Germany, since they liked Friedrich so much in his German soccer T-shirt and they didn't want to see him sad ;-) when the second extra time started they even bought him a cola so that he would be awake when Germany wins....he was a very happy boy that night ;-)

But even with not so much of sleep the beauty of this amazing landscape catches us and we can not see enough of these wonderful ancient rocks. Several times we see seals in some distance lying lazily on rocks.

When we are at the height of Marstrand a heavy rain begins not lasting for long. It is a very pleasant trip today and we feel happy to be here. 

After 6 hours we reach the first skerry we plan to moor at and stay over night: Kälkerön, which is a nature reserve. It is not that lonesome as we hoped for, but it is a wonderful island with a beautiful valley where we spend the evening wandering around enjoying the nature.

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