Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Spot of the Week - Helsingør/Denmark Castel Kronborg

At the northern entry into the Øresund, just opposite of Helsingborg/Sweden, lies the danish City Helsingør.
Most remarkable is Castel Kronborg looming above the Baltic Sea.
At Kronborg Shakespeare's Hamlet is taking place. Shakespeare himself has never been here, but at the time the castle was built in the 16th century word spread about its beauty and splendor, that he was so very much inspired and wrote about a fiktive, young danish prince and his misfortune happening at this very castel.
We took a long tour through the whole castel and were amazed not only by the magnificence but also by it's history. Our tour could have lasted much longer if we would have taken all the way down underneath the castel, but when entering the casemates Friedrich felt suddenly unsure whether wanting to know what is down there in the very dark, that we took the way back to reach safe daylight and fresh air.

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