Friday, August 8, 2014

Längeskär/Sweden - 07/16/2014

From Lysekil/Sweden to Längskär/Stora Gluppan Sweden, distance 41,1 NM, weather: sunny, temperatur 24°C, water temperatur 20°C, wind southwest 3-4 Beaufort

We start early this morning, so that the children will sleep for a good part of the journey.

It is a wonderful warm day and we are happy to be here. On our way we try to avoid the open Skagerak whenever possible for the same reason why 1931 -1935 the Sotenkanalen was build. Like 60.000 other leisure boats a year we enjoy the calm trip between Hunnebrostrad and Smögen, passing solid rocks on both sides or open meadows with grazing cows. 
When we let Hamburgsund behind us, we had to sail on the open Skagerak every now and then. Although we are always happy for the chance to hide behind a skerry, we are very impressed by the 3-4 meter high waves. How would the sea look like here, if there would have been real wind be blowing?!
We reach the skerry Längeskär after 9.5 hours. The quietness of this uninhabited island is wonderful after a day on sea. The children enjoyed climbing the rocks after a whole day aboard.
This Skerry is not all rocks, but with rather a lot of vegetation. Small bays with sandy beaches allow Hugo to go for swimming (and of course his favorite: diving ;-)).

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