Friday, August 8, 2014

Spot of the Week - Lyø/Denmark

Lyø is a small danish island in the South Funen Archipelago close to Fåborg.

What makes Lyø special to us, is the light, which makes the colors are luscious and brilliant.The water around the island is of deep turquoise and the meadows glow in intense greens.
The village Lyø By is  located about 2km from the harbor and surrounded by pastures.
The village it self is beautiful with well maintained old houses and a lots of flowers as well as five small ponds. But people are rarely seen around, which make the atmosphere of the place rather morbide.
The very first time we came here the first one we met, was a bunny passing by and it would have been no surprise, if it would have taken out a pocket watch and searched for his white gloves...

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