Friday, August 8, 2014

Skjaerhalden/Norway(!) - 07/17/2014

From Längeskär/Sweden to Skjerhalden/Norway, distnace 22,7 NM, weather: partly cloudy, temperature 20°C, wind southwest 4-5 Beaufort.

Today we reach Norway! Even if we are not going to make it to Oslo we still achieved our goal to visit another scandinavian country :-)

But before we are on our way, we have to fill up Madita's fuel tank and to buy some liquids for us. Therefore we stop at Havjesund, where the gas station is directly at the waterfront. But we are not the only ones having this idea and it becomes rather stressful, especially since there is quite a bit of free waves running against the pontoons. The ships are coming so close to each other, that some Norwegian Yacht manages at full speed to let a rope of their dinghy entangle with the paddle of our dinghy....good luck Wolfgang makes a quick jump and grabs the rope to free it.....
The Skagerak is much calmer today and we reach Norway with good winds. The appearance of the skerry suddenly changes with many pine trees growing on them. The air is full with aromatic fragrance.
The first Harbor we plan to touch at is Skjerhalden. When we arrive it is over crowed and we feel the little stitch of disappointment when you finally come to a place you longed for a significant period. However, we moor at a fisher's boat pontoon and Wolfgang goes for a search. The first guy he speaks to turns out be the harbormaster, who is very willing to help and after about 15 minutes they find a space for Madita. It is alongside the outer pontoon and we have to turn Madita in the very narrow port basin. Good luck a very kind gentleman helps us from the pontoon side. But there is a huge iron chain leading from the pontoon to the ground of the basin. I am not sure, how that eventually works out, but surprisingly without any damage to Madita she slips over the chain and is at a good position of the pontoon.
Almost immediately after the lines are tied Friedrich starts to catch little fish. To our amazement these are little baby plaice: perfectly flat with both eyes on the upper side ;-) (Of course they all were released after a few!)
We buy very delicious fish at the nearby fish shop, where we learned, that the Norwegian word for monkfish is Breiflapp :-) 
Later that evening a boat neighbor starts to fish for mackerel. Wolfgang and Friedrich want to try that, too and get some advise. But the fisher's luck is not with them this day. The very friendly people from the other boat are luckier and to our delight be very kind and give us some freshly grilled mackerel as a present. That was the most delicious fish I ever had so far :-)

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