Saturday, May 2, 2015

We built a hygrometer :-)

Friedrich wanted a tell the truth he wanted one for his violin case like his teacher has.....the next best thing is to have one in the garden.....

I found a construction plan in the internet and we gave it a try...

First we put some cardboard in contact paper to make it water resistent.
Next step was to push a fixing pin through one end of a straw. We used the pin to fix the straw at the cardboard. That will be our cursor.
On the back end of this cursor we glues one of Magdalena's hair, she washed with soap before.
The other end of the hair was glued to a pin that was about 15 cm beneath the first pin.

The idea is: If it is raining and humidity is high, that hair will get longer by taking up some water and the pull on the cursor will be relaxed and it will show downwards.
If it is dry and sunny outside, the hair will shorten, since it will lose water and the cursor will be pulled upwards....

So far we had only rainy days... the prove that all this works has to wait for the sun ;-)

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