Thursday, May 26, 2016

Avernako/Denmark - 05/15-16/2016

The second day of our May-journey was rather rough with all four seasons at one day. But when we arrived on Avernako/Denmark it became less rainy.
The next day we stayed on Avernako because of the strong wind which was bowing with up to 30 knots (Beaufort 7). But it was not rainy that day and we had a wonderful hike along the shore. The first part was a little exhausting, since the whole beach was covered with stones of all sizes.
Avernako has two parts, which are connected with a small land-bridge.
On our way back we came through the two villages Munke and Avernako By with trees wonderfully blossoming, for which the island is famous.
Avernako is very famous in our family, since we always found a lot of fossils at the shore. We were lucky as well this time, but I forgot to bring all our findings home, so pictures will have to follow ;-)

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