Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dyreborg/Denmark - 05/17/2016

The day after our haborday on Avernako, it was still very windy. Therefore we made it a really short trip of 2.5 NM and drove to Dryeborg on the island Fyn close to Faaborg.

We never have been here before and we were really pleased to find after a very tight entrance a very decent quiet and peaceful little harbor with a beautiful forest just adjacent and a lovely surrounding.

But it was a pity that we just learned the day after, that close to Dyreborg are some dolmen, which would have been very interesting to visit....well, next time :-)

On our evening walk we came pass a restored kettle, which in former times, when fishing nets were not yet made of synthetics, was used to barke the nets by cooking them with tree bark before tarring them.

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