Thursday, May 26, 2016

Genner Bay/Denmark - 05/18-19/2016

After having been in harbors for the last couple of days we wished to anchor again to enjoy the even more peaceful time surrounded fully by nature.
Last year we explored a nice bay vis a vis from the harbor Kalvo by dinghy and thought that it must be a wonderful place to stay.
Since the wind of the last few days calmed down we started our journey towards the Genner Bay. When sailing goes smooth and with not as much boat movements that there might a risk of interestingly keeping my stomach busy, I love to read books load to Wolfgang, we both wanted to read and by doing it this way no-one has to wait for the other to finish it ;-)

And we took the chance of the calm weather and tried for the very first time the Genaker, which belongs to Frida. It was easier than I expected it to set this light-wind sail and it unfurled nicely. Regrettably the wind was gone shortly after we set the Genaker, but nevertheless we know now how it works :-)

We stayed the next day at this beautiful anchoring site and had a wonderful time with campfire and walks in the woods.

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